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Tube Chiffon Maxi Dress
Price: $25
PTP 10" (Stretchable)
Length Down 38"
Fits UK 8 - 10
The tube part is see through type.
Allows you to be elegant and
sexy at the same time. 
Status: Last Piece!

Front Drape Tube Dress (Please state Black/Navy while ordering)
Price: $26
PTP 12" (Stretchable)
Length Down 28"
Fits UK 6 - 8
It's a sweet, elegant piece inspired by Topshop!
Status: Navy (Last 2 Pieces!)

 Black Vintage Dress
Price: $24
PTP 15" (Stretchable)
Length Down 30"
Sleeve 23"
Fits UK 6 - 8
Status: Last Piece!

Faux Wool and Leather Vest (Please state Black/Brown/Grey while ordering)
Price: $27
PTP 12"
Length Down 18" (Back)
             21" (Front)
Arm Hole 10"
Fits UK 6 - 8
Fur X Leather, what more do we have to say? Easy to pair with anything.
Status: Brown (All Sold!)
Black (Last Piece!)
Grey (Last Piece!)

Oversized Cape Top (State Dusty Pink/ White & Silver while ordering)
Price: $25
Arm Hole 8.5"
Sleeve 22.5"
Fits up to UK 12
Status: White & Silver (Last Piece!)